The 3 rd International Conference on Applied Chemistry and Industrial Catalysis——Chemical Production Control and New Technology (CPCNT2021)
ACIC 2020 has successfully concluded!

ACIC 2020 has successfully concluded!

ACIC 2020 has successfully concluded!

The 2nd International Conference on Applied Chemistry and Industrial Catalysis(ACIC 2020)has successfully concluded!


The 2nd International Conference on Applied Chemistry and Industrial Catalysis was held in Dalian Midsummer Garden Hotel on October 17, 2020.

Conference by China's social and economic system analysis research of low carbon economy development system professional committee, China university of mining and liaoning heavy quality carbon resources engineering technology research institute co., LTD., host and jointly organized by heilongjiang university of science and technology, shandong university of science and technology, xinjiang university, zhengzhou university, sun yat-sen university, anhui university of technology, yulin college and guangdong petrochemical college, Organized by AEIC Academic Exchange Center. Our school as the co-organizer participated in the conference and made a report.




With the theme of "Cleaner Production and High Value Utilization", the conference will focus on carbon resource chemical industry, functional materials and environmental chemical industry. It will focus on how to eliminate pollution from the source of chemical industry production, and discuss the scientific and technological issues in producing high value-added end products.

At the same time, the conference will extensively invite the government, universities, business associations, research institutions, high-tech enterprises to participate in, effectively build the government, industry, academia from all walks of life cooperation platform, and strive to promote the industrialization of academic research results, achieve practical results.

It has created learning and communication opportunities for teachers of our school, provided opportunities for the next step of the School of Chemical Engineering to create disciplinary highlights and promote high-level output, and improved the popularity and influence of our school in the field of coal chemical industry.





分会主席   周颖—教授/材料化工实验室主任—大连理工大学


分会主席   孟洪—教授/博导—北京化工大学

(3) 新能源及新材料

分会主席   梁鹏—教授/博导/煤化工学科带头人—山东科技大学

(4) 科研成果产业化

分会主席  魏贤勇—教授/博导/新疆大学“高层次人才”学术带头人——新疆大学/中国矿业大学

Four sub-conference themes

(1) High-value utilization of coal resources

(2) Progress and utilization of clean energy

(3) New energy and new materials

(4) Industrialization of scientific research achievements




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